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We dont have 24 diferent strains from Breeders-choice in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Big White stock:Available
Blue Hammer stock:Available
Blue Rocket stock:Available
Blueberry Sativa stock:Available
Cheeseberry stock:Available
Cheeseberry Haze stock:Available
Chocolate Berry stock:Available
Chocolate Rain stock:Available
Breeders Choice stock:Available
Double Fun stock:Available
Gletsjer stock:Available
Holy Princess stock:Available
Lady Cane stock:Available
Low-Ryder stock:Available
Mad Kush stock:Available
Mad.S stock:Available
N.L.A stock:Available
New Blue Diesel stock:Available
NYCD stock:Available
Shivani stock:Available
Somango Haze stock:Available
Vanilla Sky stock:Available
Walhalla stock:Available